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Regional Planning Services

Step 1 - Meet with Clients and present the Initial Client Presentation slides.
Office Conversation
Step 2 - If a client would like to move forward with a plan, complete and send the Navigator agreement.
Data Reviewing
Step 3 - Notify Brenna and Stephanie that you have a plan request.
  • Send us a copy of signed Navigator

  • We will then send the Welcome Letter and Document Checklist

Step 4 - We will complete the plan and recommendation, then schedule a review meeting with you to go over the plan.
Step 5 – You present the plan to your client and all observations and next steps
Additional Information and Considerations
  • If a client decides to move forward with planning please let us know as soon as possible or

  • On Navigator Agreement, after your CRD on the IAR code please put -7BW

  • You may charge what you’d like for a plan, but the Artisan Planning team cost is $700 so you must charge at least $700 (in which case $0 would go to you)

  • The entire process takes 4-8 weeks depending on the client’s promptness in returning documents and completing forms

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